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Episode 11 – 6 Signs It's Time to Change Careers

In today’s episode, we care going to talk about finding the right time to change careers.


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Finding a fulfilling career is a journey. Though some people find their dream career young, most people switch jobs at least 12 times before finding the right one. 


If you are thinking of changing careers, you’re not alone. Even though it can be exciting, finding the right time to change careers can be so scary.

If you want to be confident in making a switch, take the time to explore your current role and if now is really the best time for you to make the move. 



Sign 1: You dread going to work 

I’ll start with the most obvious. You dread going to work. But I want to go further in saying that this isn’t a new feeling, this is something that has been going on for weeks, maybe even months. 


I had a friend who loves her job one minute and then the next hates it. It all depends on the feedback she gets from her Partner. If this was the only factor, I’d say it might be better for her to work on accepting feedback and team communication vs changing jobs. 


It’s time to change jobs when you feel undervalued, that your skills aren’t being used, or that you aren’t learning anything new – basically anything that you feel like you are wasting your time there. 


If any of that sounds familiar, then it’s time to find a new job that allows you to be valued, contribute and offers opportunities to learn. You don’t have to love your job, but you do deserve to have a job that works for you.  



Sign 2: You could care less about your job

The second sign is one that slowly creeps up on you. It’s that you stopped caring.  


Maybe you totally forgot the reason for taking the job in the first place or maybe things are so different now from when you first started that you are so disconnected from the original reason you took the job.


Whatever the reason, you’re checked out, potentially underperforming and you can’t even fake it anymore. But this wasn’t always the case. So, what happened?


We’re not going to be happy all the time in our jobs, that’s just the truth, but if you can’t remember the last time you felt passion or any desire to do your job, it might be time to leave. 



Sign #3: You aren’t creating the impact you want

You may have an amazing job at an amazing firm, but if you aren’t creating the impact you want, this is another sign that it’s time to leave your job. 


For me, I loved working at my Big 4 job. I had a great team, paycheck, lifestyle. But the work was mundane. There was nothing exciting in it and I felt like I could do so much more. 


The paycheck and other things I named kept me satisfied for so long but eventually, I knew I had to go. 



Sign #4: Your personal life is affected

Work can be challenging and there are times when it can get crazy! But if you are constantly being stressed where it’s affecting your health then it’s time to find a new job


Being constantly busy and stressed takes a toll on personal relationships as well. You may cancel plans or be on edge with people. Whatever the case may be, if you feel like you are turning into an unhappy person, it may be a sign to start exploring new jobs that make you feel whole and happy again.



Sign #5: You constantly dream about a new career

Every time you get a break, you start thinking about what life would be like if you were in a new job or if you could just tell someone to F off. 


You may also just randomly look on job sites or talk to others about what opportunities were out there. Maybe you even start wishing you had other people’s jobs or even become the person who may be jealous of other people who are happy. 


Whatever the case may be, if you are constantly thinking about leaving your job or know you’d leave with the right opportunity, then that may be a sign that it’s time to go. 


Sign #6: The only reason you want to stay is for other people

This last sign is something that was a factor for me early in my career and that one of the biggest reasons I wanted to stay at my job was the fear of letting other people, such as my family down. 


I didn’t want to be in audit anymore. I just wanted to quit! But I was so scared about letting my family down that I stayed. And that kept me at my Big 4 job for so long. 

If the only reason keeping you at your job is for what others may think of you, then it’s time to leave your job. 




That’s all I have for today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Stay inspired and live powerfully,


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