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Episode 12 – Why You Should Write Your Resignation Letter Now

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss why you should write your resignation letter in advance. This is going to be a quick episode but the message is powerful.


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Wanting to change careers is a scary thing. While some people know exactly what their next move is, some have no idea where to go next. And even if you do know where you want to go next, actually taking action to leave can be scary.

When I wanted to leave my job, I was always coming up with excuses on why I should stay. That was until I wrote my resignation letter and put a date on when I was going to send it and start having those conversations. 

It made me leaving real. It wasn’t just a thing I wanted to do – It was a think I was GOING to do. It was completely mental and is now a tip that I share to all of my clients. 

It seems so simple but honestly this is a game changer when changing careers. 

Having my thoughts down on paper made me feel more in control. I knew what I was going to say to my Partner, I had a date planned, I knew what I needed to do from now until then. 

It took all the what if’s and I don’t knows out of the equation. It was something that was going to happen. 


If you are thinking of leaving your job, even if you don’t know you’re next move. Take the time and write your resignation letter. Pick a date of when your going to start having those conversations. 

It can be in a month, it could be in a year. But give yourself a deadline. 


Stay tuned for next weeks episode where I tell you all about how to write a great resignation letter. 


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