Episode 14 – Why You Need Networking Goals

In today’s episode, we’ll begin a 3-part series that goes into everything about networking. Today we’ll discuss what is networking, how to get clear on your networking goals and how to make networking fun and easy.


Next week’s episode, episode 15, will go into Networking Strategy and how to network in just a couple easy steps and Episode 16 will talk all about tips to make you stand out when you’re networking. 


Now, Everyone knows that networking is important, almost crucial for career advancement and success. But with the craziness of day-to-day life, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to actually network and build relationships! 


So how can you make networking something that is easy to do, that fits in your schedule and something that you actually want to do? 


Listen in as I am going to start this 3-part series off by talking about making networking fun and setting the initial goal.



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Networking helps you build your network. And your network is what gives you access to opportunities that will advance your life. Not only opportunities, but insights that you may have not of though of. People they can put you in contact with that may get you ahead. 


I can go into all of the benefits of networking but if you’re in a Big 4, you already know that networking is key. The real question in my mind is how. 


What is networking?

And I want to start off by saying that when most people think about networking, they think about who they can reach out to when they need a job or a favor. 


You know, a random opportunity drops in your lap and you need a recommendation letter. You know who the best person to reach out to is but you haven’t talked to them in so long!


So, you try to play it cool – “Hey Joe, how’s it going…. Great, so I was wondering……”


And this is what gives networking a bad rep. You may feel uncomfortable asking and the person you reach out to may feel as though you only want to talk to them for one reason. 


And that’s not always the case but this is what causes people to shy away from reaching out when they could use the help. It’s because they only reach out when they need it vs keeping those relationships up.


Networking is more than sales and people to help you land than next job. 


Networking Is a 2-way street. It’s a way to get to know someone, build a relationship and see how you both can fulfill each other’s needs. And it doesn’t have to be so transactional - as you refer me, I refer you. 


It could also be just someone where you both enjoy each other’s company, like making a friend!


Your network is the people who are going to support you and lift you up when you think you can’t go any further. The people that will help get you to your finish line. Your network is made up of the people that give back to you and that you also give back to them. 


And I just want to caveat this by saying, that other than being shy to reach out to someone because it’s been some time, some people also shy away from networking because they feel that they have nothing to share or give to someone. 


I want to stop you and say you always have something to give to someone.


Even if it’s the CEO of a big company, with all the resources in the world, you still have your perspective, you still have relationships they don’t and you give them the best gift, which is the gift of allowing them to give back to you.  


Sounds corny, but just think, don’t you like helping people, especially younger or more junior people who look up to you?


So when you are thinking about what networking is, I want you to remember this key statement and I want you to truly believe it and this is what makes someone a great networker:


Networking is a 2-way street where everyone, I mean everyone, has the ability to give something to someone (upwards/downwards/every which direction) and everyone has the ability to learn and gain. 



Networking Pre-work


Now that we have that set, I want you to think about everything you think of when you think about networking. The good, the bad, the ugly – everything.


Why? Because If any of those views are negative, I want you to take the time to debunk it and turn that negative into a positive.


Because if you don’t do that groundwork first, you will think of every message you send to someone as a chore and people can pick up on that.


People are smart. People know when you are reaching out for reaching out sake or if its genuine. Is that how you want to be remembered?

While you’re working on that, I want you to think about “how do you want people to feel when you message them? Do you want them to feel bothered, annoyed, or nothing at all because they deleted your message instantly?


Or do you want them to be inspired, to feel loved, to be recognized, to feel that they are not alone with what they are going through. (See how I put my why there J). 


Another way to think about this is to think back to a couple message you’ve received in the past. Some are great and you can't wait to connect with the other person, and some are so fake and you can see right through them.


So when thinking about your messaging, remember to think “what do you want that person to feel.”


Networking Main Goal

Now that you feel good about networking, the next thing I want you to start think about what is your main goal from networking. 


Setting a networking goal saves you hours of your time and going to events or doing activities that won’t serve your purpose. 


Is it to build relationships? Is it to get a job? Is it to get clients or start a business? Why is this important? Because the people that you are going to reach out to and events you attend will be different. 


So, if you’re trying to get clients, you’re going to go to specific events and reach out to certain people who you know are your target audience.


If you’re just looking to build relationships and grow your network, you can reach out to anyone but if it’s not going to help grow your business, it’s almost a waste of time if that’s not your goal.


By setting this main objective, you’re going to be more strategic in what you do and therefore, much more likely to reach your goal.


So, take the time to think about what you want to achieve from networking. 



To summarize today’s episode, we got clear on what is networking, the beliefs we need to have to be network successfully and also our main goal in mind which is going to make networking fun. 


Now we’re ready to talk about strategy and get to work. Tune in next week as we’ll start talking all things strategy and how to get down to business. 


Stay inspired and live powerfully, 

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