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Ep 19 - Make Hard Decisions Easy Using the DRIVE Method

This week, we are going to talk about how to make big decisions seem easy and simple using the DRIVE Decision model.


For a template of this model and to find the full show notes to this episode, go to


As we go through life, our values, goals and priorities change. And when that happens, we are sometimes faced at a crossroad that calls for us to make a difficult decision (i.e., should I change careers, should I quit my job, etc.?). 


These big decisions can be tough as they impact not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us. 


So how can you make these big decisions seem simple and easy? Keep listening!


So last week, we talked about 8 great tips to help us become more effective decision makers. The one tip I am going to drill down on is tip #4.

Tip #4 I gave was to make a pros/cons list as when we have a big decision to make, we can sometimes get lost in all the details and scenarios running in our heads. So, to avoid getting lost in the options, it’s so helpful to create a pros and cons for each choice and compare. 


But sometimes a pros/cons list doesn’t do it. Sometimes we forget to incorporate our values, what’s important to us, what skills we have, our level of motivation, our fears to overcome, etc. Pros and Cons are just the beginning. 

And that is why I created the DRIVE Decision Model. Again, go to now to find a free downloadable template with the DRIVE Decision Model that you can save and use for when you have those big Decisions to make. 


So, I already explained this is different than just a normal pros/cons list but let me explain more about it. 

DRIVE stands for the following: 

  1. Determine the outcome you want to achieve from making the decision

  2. Research your options

  3. Identify your best choice

  4. Validate against your values and main outcome desired

  5. Envision it like it’s already happened


Now let me explain each step. 


Step 1: Determine the outcome you want to achieve from making the decision.


So, when starting off, I want you to think about the outcome you want to achieve from making the decision. And it’s not, be in a new job. It’s be in a job I love, that has meaning, that fulfills me. 


The outcome you want could be anything but I want you to connect with the outcome and be very specific. 


Step 2: Research your options.


For Step 2, this is where you’ll be doing the heavy lifting. There are a couple things I want you to research, analyze and write down for this step. Those items are:  


{First, I will say the categories, then I will explain each one}


  • Pros – What are the pros of this option?

  • Cons – What are the cons of this option?

  • Skills You Have – What skills do I have to make/choose this option?

  • Skills You Need – What skills do I need to have or gain to make/choose this option?

  • Level of Difficulty – What is the level of difficulty for this option? What are the barriers? Do I think I can pull it off?

  • Level of Motivation – How motivated am I to make this choice? Is it more of a nice to have or am I really ready to take this on?

  • Best Case Scenario – If I select this option, what’s the best-case scenario?

  • Worst Case Scenario – If I select this option, what’s the worst that can happen?

  • Fears to Overcome – What am I scared of by choosing this option?

  • Who wants this – Do I want this for me, or is it for my family, friends, to look good, etc.?

  • Who is affected – Is anyone else affected in this decision that I need to consider?

  • What matters most – What really matters to me?


Now that may be a lot to go through, but if you have a big decision to make, this research is going to help you so much and make choosing an option that much easier. You literally are going to go through everything so it’s out of your head and organized down on paper.



Step 3: Identify your best choice.


Now for Step 3, I want you to identify the best choice based on your research. Maybe there is a clear winner, maybe not, but choose what you think is best. And this isn’t the end all right here, we still have more steps to complete so roll with this right now!


Step 4: Validate against your values and main outcome desired.


Next, I want you to validate your choice against your values and main outcome desired. Does this option satisfy what you want to do? Does this connect with you?


In this step, I want you to really listen to your gut. Maybe one option seems better on paper but it just feels unsettling to you. If that’s the case, really take a look inside about how you are feeling. Go back and go through things again. 

Sometimes the decision you need to make isn’t the clear choice but by doing this method, it will become clear what you really want. 


Step 5: Envision it like it’s already happened.

And last but not least, envision your decision like it’s already happened. Think about how you feel once you made the decision, how life is like, what’s next for you. 


If you want to take this further, I like to go through all the 5 senses to really have the picture and feeling in my head seem real – this is a NLP trick. 

Just as an example, if I wanted to make a decision about quitting my job and starting my own business, I would picture me sitting at my desk in my home office, hearing myself talk to my clients and having great things being discussed, I smell the candle that I love in the room and taste a fresh juice. 

I can see myself typing and taking notes. I see myself from outside of the room looking in. I am happy, I am proud. I did it. 

I know it sounds a bit much, but I promise when you envision goals like this, it makes it so much more memorable. 

That’s all I have for you for today’s episode. 

Stay inspired and live powerfully, 


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