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Episode 28 - Why Thank You Notes Are So Important

Today’s episode is a quick one on why thank you notes are so important.


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When someone makes time to help you with your career, whether it be networking, an information interview or a formal interview, it’s important to always show your appreciation and gratitude for that person by sending a thank you note.


Seems like a simple concept right? However, according to, fewer than 25% of interviewees send a thank you note after a job interview. In addition to that, 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate who doesn’t send a quick thank you note. 


Sending a thank you note is an opportunity to show your gratitude for someone and their time. It shows that you take time out of your day to appreciate people, know how the professional world works, that you follow through, and that you know how to communicate. 


It also can be an opportunity for you to make another impression, say something that wasn’t covered or to clarify something you didn’t think was communicated well.


We may think a thank you note is pointless or even a waste of time, but I believe a thank you note is something to always set you apart and helps build deeper relationships. 


And what’s the harm in it? If you send a thank you note out, it’s not going to hurt your chances of getting the job (if done right).


If anything, it’s just going to make an impression on the person, making you stand out. And worst case scenario, you’ll be ignored but that’s it!


When you reach out to someone, you want them to remember you as the person who was nice and that you enjoy talking to. And not with the impression: What does this person want this time? 


Just think, if I had to hire someone who sent a thank you or not and both candidates have a similar background, I would hire the person who sent thank you, as I view this as something a team player would do. 


If they took the time to thank me here, maybe they would take the time to thank their peers or their bosses, etc. This is someone who will get along with people and build for a better work environment. 


If anything, I am going to hire the person who made me feel valued. And that's the person who took the time out of their day to thank me.


Someone may assume, if they don’t take the time here, maybe they don’t really care. Maybe they don’t really want this job. Maybe they didn’t find you helpful, whatever! You never know what people think but why give them any reason to think these ways.


Also, you never know how someone views a Thank you note, especially a very thoughtone one.


For example, if you reached out to me for help and I said, I just didn’t have time and you thanked me for my consideration, I would remember to follow up with you first when I did have the time. 


If you didn't contact me after that, I may reach back out to you but only if I found your email going through things, etc., but wouldn't go out of my way to. 


In another scenario, say you may not get the job, but maybe the hiring manager or recruiter likes you so they follow up with you when another job becomes available. 


You just never know what's going to happen so be kind, be thoughtful and always appreciate and thank people for their time. 


That’s all I have for this week's episode. Stay tuned to next week's episode where I share with you when to send a Thank you note.


Stay inspired and live powerfully, 


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