Episode 32 - Why There is Nothing Wrong With You

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about why there is nothing wrong with you!


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Feeling stuck in your job is not an easy feeling. Especially when you have no idea what you want to do next. Even if you do have an idea, it’s not easy to switch when your friends and family think you're crazy for leaving a good career behind. 

This is also true for the people that have multiple passions and want to explore them all and for the people who knew exactly what they wanted and don’t anymore. 

So what ends up happening is we start to question ourselves. We can’t help but think “why can’t I be happy or content like them (or my coworkers)”.


And then we start to doubt ourselves and think: “will switching really make me happy” or “will I ever be happy”.

And thinking this way leads you to believe that something is wrong with you.


That you will never figure it out, that if you do, you won’t succeed (for numerous reasons such as you don’t have the skills, the experience, the attention span, etc.) and you’re going to be kicking yourself for leaving in the first place. 

But let me stop you right there and tell you NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!

If anything, something is wrong with THEM! You are meant for more and you want your life to be filled with meaning, with passion and to me, that is a life to be lived.


You are an exceptional human being with so much potential and interest, and people like you change the world.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with either side. It just is that we are all different, we all have different wants and needs and live different lives, no matter how similar we both seem.

Who cares if you want to change careers to do something you’re passionate about. Who cares if you have to switch jobs multiple times until you find something you love. Who should care anything about your career, other than you?

People used to think that you should stay in one job, that women shouldn’t work, that learning disorders were actually people who were lazy, but times have changed. People have stood up to these silly presumptions and have changed the world.

Changing misunderstandings starts with you. Be the change you want to see. Your life is too valuable to settle for anything less. And the more people that go out and do this, the more life will be better for those to come. 

The working world is starting to see a shift toward meaningful careers and it is an amazing time to be in the workforce. You don’t have to stay in one job.


You may have loved something one time, but just like how we change, so do our passions, job interests and therefore, careers!

You are more than qualified to do what you love. You are more skilled than most people out there. You just have to start believing it.

Maybe you don’t have the exact skills just yet, but if you have the desire to do something, that is worth more than any skill. I know I would hire someone who is willing to go the extra mile anyday over someone who has the skills but no desire. 

So stop hiding your talents, stop not believing in yourself and just start doing what you love today. 

Make a plan for developing the skills you need to switch careers, go out and talk to people in those fields and start making your career something you are proud and passionate about.


If you are feeling discouraged, here are a couple of exercises you can do to get back in the game. 

Exercise 1 - Make a list of your accomplishments 

Sometimes we start to doubt ourselves and our abilities. When this happens, it’s helpful to remember all of the amazing things we have accomplished.

Big or small, start thinking of all your wins from your life. Maybe it was helping another student back in the day, training your new puppy, getting promoted, doing well on a hard project, etc. Name them all!

Even list out the little things, such as I cleaned the kitchen after a dinner party when I was so tired. You may think it doesn’t matter but you are one of a kind and everything makes up who you are.

Don’t overthink this, just jot down anything that comes to mind. Your list is exactly what should be on your list. 

And for those people thinking ‘I haven’t accomplished anything” stop yourself right there. Keep an open mind and just start writing. I know you have some wins in your life and if you don’t believe me, message me for a free strategy session so I can prove you wrong.


Hopefully you see at the end of this exercise just how much you haven accomplished, how amazing you are and how you have the power to do anything. 

Exercise 2 - Reframe Failures

In the opposite direction, write down all the projects, things you started that you didn’t finish or things you think you failed at and write down why that was. 

Sometimes seeing it in this light can remind you that you are not a failure, you just didn’t have the passion to keep moving forward or it just wasn’t on the table for you at that time. 


I remember trying out lots of things in my career search that I didn’t finish. My Masters in Accounting, my Series 7 Financial License, my Real Estate License, etc. 

But what I can see now is that I hated accounting, I didn’t want anything to do with Finance and I didn’t want to be a real estate agent (I just thought it would be cool). 

In addition, maybe there are the times where you stopped when it got too hard and quit, but think of where you were in your life at the time and the situation. 

I know I didn’t do well on one of my projects in consulting and I felt like a total failure. It made me want to quit because I thought I wasn’t good enough for the job. 

But my dad had just passed away and I just didn’t want to be in that job anymore. I gave up. And I am OK with that as I know if it was any other situation, it would have gone the extra mile and been fine.


So in summary, be kind and give yourself the space to forgive yourself. 

I explored a lot and thought I was crazy but am I damn proud of myself for taking the time to explore each path as it has led me to where I am now. And maybe this won’t be my path forever but when I do get an itch again, my list of options will be smaller. 

Exercise - Analyze your potential career paths 

And for the last exercise, I want you to take action and write down all of the potential career paths you want to explore. 

And I say this because if you feel like something is wrong with you and you’re never going to find out what that next career move is for yourself, well then take the time to figure it out.

I went through all of this information in episode 30 so feel free to go back to that episode to try to make your list of potential career paths. 

The #1 regret for older people is that they didn’t take the risk. So take the risk on yourself. Go figure out what you want to do, who you want to be and go out and make that happen. 


I know for me I would rather be a proud failure than to never have tried at all. 


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Stay Inspired and Live Powerfully,


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