Episode 33 - How We've Stopped Dreaming Big

In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about how we’ve stopped dreaming big. 


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When we were young, we all had the wildest dreams and goals for our life. But somewhere along the way, as the realities and responsibilities of life grew, the size of our dreams diminished. 


We have learned to settle and tell ourselves that we are happy with where we are. Yes, we are grateful for everything we have but when did it become OK to not have grand dreams and goals for our lives like we used to!


Yes our priorities shift but when did we lose our imagination and drive to be and do anything!

That’s why this week, I want to reispire you all to dream big!


You may have heard me say, you don’t know you are checked out until you check back in. And the same goes with our goals. You may not realize that you not living your goals or have realistic goals until you think, is this really what I want for my life?


I know for me I had a 20 year vision in HS with what I was going to do.


Become a CEO. I had to get into a good school, get the internships, land the NYC job, get promoted fast, find a partner, make Partner, have or make this much money, buy the house, have the kids, go on fancy vacations, etc. 


But when I wanted to leave the Corporate world and become a coach, I realized that I either achieved all of that or didn’t want it anymore. And then I was left with now what? 


Yes, I still wanted to go on nice vacations, I still had financial goals, but there wasn’t anything big that was pushing me like there was when I was younger. 


Yes, I wanted to become a coach, but I just wanted to make the same money I was making. Yes, I wanted a house, but a house that was just bigger than where I was. 


But if you asked my younger self, you would have heard me say: “I am going to be the best coach, I’ll be like Oprah or Tony Robbins.


I’ll have my main house on the water with a big boat and houses around the world so I can travel. I’ll be a billizionaire and be able to feed all the children in the world!


I realized then that I was putting limits on my goals. Yes I wanted a big house (so I could have an even bigger family), but I wouldnt be able to get that unless I did this or did that. Or it wasn’t possible as the market is so overpriced now, it would be impossible!


I had so many considerations baked into my dreams that they were no longer dreams. Just things I wanted or hoped to happen. 


Somewhere along the way of life, we let our current reality shape what we think our life should be like and by accepting that way of thinking, we allowed our dreams to become realistic.


But why is that? Aren’t our dreams possible? Aren’t there people out there making a killing and living out their best life? Why is it unrealistic for us but possible for them?


If we want to live our best life and dream big, we need to go after what we want and not shrink our dreams to fit the realities of our life. 


By doing so, our realities will grow to include the dreams we envision for our lives and we’ll push ourselves to places we never thought were possible!


So this week I want to challenge you to be a kid again. I want you to dream big and not hold back. That there are zero considerations and that anything is possible. 


If you shoot for the moon, you may not get there, but you’ll get a hell of a lot further than if you just shot for something else.


Now if you need help dreaming big, I have 3 great exercises that you can do. Tune in to the next 3 episodes of this podcast where I am going to run down each of those exercises each week to help you dream big!


That’s all I have for this week. 


Stay inspired and live powerfully, 


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