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One of the strategies for playing and wining the corporate games includes being effective at giving and receiving feedback. To aid in this, I have created a 7 page Feedback Guide that includes everything you need to know about giving and receiving feedback! 

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Ep 7 - Exceed Expectations Playing the Corporate Games

In today’s episode, we’re continuing the Corporate Games Strategies but this week, its strategies that can be used for employees at every level.

Again, these strategies are going to be a little different from what you’ve heard as I want to give you strategies of how to play the game while still owning who you are. 

It’s a practice but if you want to stay in the corporate world, or at least make it a bit more manageable until you can leave, this episode is also for you. 

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We all have tough situations at work and sometimes we feel like there are all these games to play to get ahead. So, what can you do if you hate the games but still want to succeed.


I’m providing you these 8 strategies to help you along the way in your career, so you can use them to not feel like you are selling your soul to the corporate world. 

Now last week we went over 8 strategies to play and win the corporate games as a leader but these next 8 strategies are for everyone.  And you don’t have to be a leader to listen to last week’s episode and you don’t not have to be a leader to listen to this weeks episode.


FYI, I talk about giving and receiving feedback for one of the strategies and to help, I’ve created a free step by step guide that goes into everything you could need to learn how to give and receive feedback. To download, go to



1. Don’t talk smack

This first strategy seems obvious but don’t talk smack about people. Sometimes we let our guard down and just want a shoulder to vent to. 


You don’t know how many times I received pings in meetings such as is, “Are you hearing this? I can’t believe it” or “this person is so full of it!”. But it is so unnecessary. 


And it goes back to episode 6 when I say, you never know who you can trust! That person may go tell that person you said that, or you could ping the wrong person, you never know!


Not only does it show that you don’t like certain people, it also makes you look better than them. Yes, everyone may be thinking the same thing. But be the person who is known for finding the good in everything. 


I remember there was a senior associate who presented at a lunch and learn. It was not a great presentation. 


There were many people talking about it, from, “she has no skills”, to “how does she work here” and on the other side I also heard, “I can’t believe she was able to present that after working 70 hours weeks for the past 2 months – that’s pretty great”. 


I never talked smack at work or ever (and that is because I learned my lesson the hard way when I was younger) so, being the person who always listens, you hear things from everyone. 


I like to work more with the people who were nice and respectful, it was just that plain and simple.


We spend 1/3 of our lives working, more at a Big 4, for sure, so we should try to get along with the people we work with as best we can.


To give another example, I remember when I was promoted to Manager, I had another Manager who was so upset. So much so that she made it a point to tell others. Obviously, there are no secrets in a Big 4 so I found out. 


After that, I lost respect for her. I still maintained a professional relationship but it just showed who she really was. And honestly, that was her reputation among the whole team. Talking about others is just unnecessary and doesn’t bring any good.


It’s so easy to make fun of people but what good does it bring. Always take the high road. How do you want people to feel when they work with you? 

Don’t give anyone a reason to not trust you or like you. Get in the habit now of not talking about people. It will always come back and bite you.

This strategy extends in life as well.



2. Say Thank You and really appreciate people. 

The next strategy I have for playing and winning the corporate games is to thank and appreciate people. 


It’s funny how two words can go so far. Two words as simple as Thank you. 


The big 4 world is crazy. There are so many deadlines and projects and just things to do that sometimes we forget to thank people. 


And let me caveat, that this is not just a “Thanks, Bob” after working an all nightery to get something done, this is a let’s stop for a second and acknowledge the person. Let me give an example. 


Say Bob is working on a proposal for a client that requires a tight turnaround. I’m going to give you two options of how to thank someone and you let me know who you’d want to work more for. 


Option 1: Thanks, Bob. Great work on this!

Option 2: Thanks, Bob. I know that it wasn’t easy to pull this off, especially at the level of detail we needed it to be and you did it, along with your project work you have going on. I really appreciate you and your work on this. 


Now it might be a little obvious but I know I’d like to work with the person in option 2. And how much longer to you think it took for Option 2 to say thank you and those extra 30+ words? Maybe 1 minute more?


If you want to go above and beyond, also add to your calendar people’s birthdays and work anniversaries. I remember I told a Business Solutions Team member that always helped me, Happy Anniversary, and I felt like she almost started crying! 


She was in a tough role where she was supporting multiple teams, doing a lot of tedious work and taking a lot of crap from teams when it wasn’t up to their standard. When I told her Happy Anniversary, she felt like I saw her and I wasn’t just a body to do work for me. 


I did this to be nice and I do have to say she would also take my requests and make them a priority.



3. Engage with your colleagues

The next strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to engage with your collogues. Like really get to know them – or at least pretend to! 


When someone pings you, what do you think for the most part? I know for me it was “Ugh, what does this person need?!” That’s because people only message you when they need something. 

Get in the habit of engaging with the people you work with. From just checking in to see how people’s weekends were, to asking them how they are, it’s the little things that go along way. 


By doing this, when I needed something, people would want to help me and would go the extra mile. I was never a burden, for the most part, you know, depending on the ask. And I just really enjoyed my team. It made me enjoy work more. 


It does take effort. If it helps, make a list of who you want to be friendlier with and how often you want to be in contact with them. Then follow up. Relationships are key!



4. Stay away from Confrontation and Controversial topics

The fourth strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to stay away from confrontation and controversial topics as much as possible. 


They say keep politics and religion out of work and I agree with them. While it’s nice to have an open dialogue, there are people that will never see another side to the issue, no matter how well you reason with people. 


It could be something small, like should we still be wearing masks, but let me tell you, some people have such deep beliefs, on both sides about this, so it’s best to just stay out of it. If someone doesn’t like where you’re coming from, they will write you off. 

And most likely, since these people aren’t open to hearing other views, they are going to form an opinion on you based on your views, not your work product, and probably even tell others about it. I’ve seen it happen way too often.


I like to say you can’t argue stupid. If someone says 2+2 = 5, you better believe it does (maybe not from an audit standpoint) but I hope you get what I’m saying.


Everyone has a different way to do things and it’s all about being respectful. You can listen, but keep your contribution (and emotion) out of it. 


And it doesn’t even have to be a controversial topic. Some people just love to argue and/or get their way. They don’t even know they are doing it. They just approach a possible disagreement with a win/lose attitude.


These are the types of attitudes that are toxic to organizational culture. Don’t get involved.



5. Compliment people.

The fifth strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to compliment people. As simple as that!


You have no idea how giving positive feedback to someone makes a difference. It not only makes the person feel valued but it also makes them feel appreciated and validated. 


It could be anything from, I really like how you set up the slide deck to wow, your vacation photos seem amazing!


I always try to do this, from the cashier at the supermarket to the principle at my sons’ school, it makes people feel good and they remember you. In a good way, too! And that’s what you want if you want to be a good person and win the corporate games.



6. Go out of your way to be nice

The sixth strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to go out of your way and be nice to people. 


This sounds so silly, but you never know who is having a hard day or who just got screamed at by their Partner. 


Whether it be taking the time to ask how the cashier at lunch’s day is, to someone in the elevator who seems down, or a colleague that just looks out of it, be that person. 


People will remember you for it and feel like they can trust you. 



7. Go the extra mile, people notice 

The seventh strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to go the extra mile!


You don’t have to do this but it does make a difference. Have to provide a couple slides, well instead of making them ugly with just text, brand them and make them client ready. 


Your Partner asks for an update, give them more than what they asked for. Anticipate what questions they may have a give that to them. 


Someone’s birthday? Send them a card or a small token. It’s the little things that really make a difference. 



8. Ask for feedback

The last strategy I have to play and win the corporate games is to ask for feedback. And not just to who is running the project at the end when you need a review. 


As I mentioned earlier, I created a step-by-step guide that goes over everything you need to know about giving and receiving feedback. To download, go to

Now, if you want to grow and be the best you can be, ask others what they think about you. But you do it in such a way that others feel comfortable in doing it. 


You can do this by asking people for feedback not what they think about you, but what others collectively think about you. 

Think about it. If I asked you to tell me what you think my weaknesses are, you may start thinking about that time I didn’t answer your email at 11p, or something else random. 


However, if you ask what you think my weaknesses are to the entire group, they are going to take all of those personal situations and judgments out. 


Again, I created a step-by-step guide on everything related to giving and receiving feedback. To download, go to


That’s all I have for today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed these 8 strategies on how to play and win the corporate games at any level and I hope you enjoy my free step by step guide on giving and receiving feedback.

Stay inspired and live powerfully,


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